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How Inforce Began

Arie headshotInforce Security Corp was founded in 2005 by Arie Pekar. Arie was running a restaurant in 2001 and needed to perform certain tasks remotely. His background in IT inspired him to seek out surveillance technology that would allow him not only to watch his business from home but also to interact with its security features from a distance. This was extremely progressive at a time when surveillance cameras were still largely using VCRs as recorders and were only used for playback purposes. After selling the restaurant Arie recognized the opportunity to help other like-minded business owners obtain remotely view-able and interactive surveillance technology for their businesses, thus Inforce Security was born.

Inforce Security Corp stayed ahead of the pack when it came to surveillance technology. Arie’s background in IT equipped him with the skills needed in a fast changing industry.  His background in retail and hospitality business ownership provided him with the knowledge of what business owners would value most.

“A rewarding aspect of this business” states Arie, “is delivering a quality installation that helps customers meet needs they didn’t even know a surveillance system was capable of helping with.”

Design TeamOver time Arie turned Inforce Security Corp into a family business that values customer relationships, quality installations, ongoing customer support and continuous learning for its technology team to stay at the forefront of a quickly changing field. As the team grows it now employs technicians, project managers, accountants and business developers with combined expertise of over 200 years’ experience in the security and technology fields.

Today Inforce Security Corp is a progressive Canadian security company servicing the needs of national businesses throughout Canada. Every day, their motivated and forward-looking team demonstrate a passion for innovation, professional installation and ongoing customer support.

Our Executive Team

Dan Marston   Dan Marston – President and Sales Manager

Alison Ackerman   Alison Ackerman – Office Manager

Arie Pekar   Arie Pekar – Pre-Sales Technical

Morty Pekar   Morty Pekar – Account Manager

   Lorne Winther – Business Development

   Gerald Knight– Customer Service

anonymousm   Joel Newman – Accounting


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