New GeoVision v8.5.6 Software

We are pleased to announce the release of GeoVision Version 8.5.6 for the Inforce Security Geovision DVRs and NVRs. This latest software update offers a number of new features including Video Skype Utility and Advanced Video Analytic features not previously included with older GV software versions.

Have a look at some of the new features included in this software release:

GV-Video Skype Utility

What is it?
Setup the GV-Video Skype Utility to call a smartphone (via a Skype account) when motion is detected or an input is triggered and display live video immediately without having to log in to the system separately.

Who could use this? Ideal for smaller retail and residential applications where this utility could be setup to notify the business/home owner if there is motion or an alarm is triggered after hours, at night, etc…

Advanced Video Analytics

Features:Advanced Video Analytics are now included with the DVR and NVR software, including:- Digital Object Tracking
– Face Counting
– Panoramic View
– Video Defogging/Stabilization
– Scene Change Detection
– Unattended/Missing Object Detection
Digital Object Tracking/Face Count– ideal for monitoring movement in high traffic/security areasPanoramic View – ‘stitches’ multiple cameras together to create one larger view. Ideal for applications requiring a large area to be monitored.

Video Defogging/Stabilization – Enhances object visibility and stabilizes the image. Beneficial for outdoor applications in inclement weather conditions (snow, fog, wind)

… and more! Call your Sentry Account Representative for more information on the selling features of video analytics.

Non-Internet Explorer Browser Support
(for Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

Your will enjoy increased compatibility and support for Mac and tablet browsers.

And More!

  • Enhanced Fisheye Dewarping
  • Smartphone Browser Support
  • Support for Picture in Picture and Picture and Picture in Panoramic View

If you have an existing Geovision system under a maintenance plan with Inforce Security Corp you will recieve this update FREE OF CHARGE on your next scheduled preventative maintenance visit, if you are not on a maintenance plan and would like to purchase a service call to have your system upgraded, please contact us today!


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