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Megapixel video surveillance cameras

Which do so much more then observe theft and shrinkage but provide indisputable evidence which can be used for seeking retribution or compensation for your losses. Having the right cameras in your workplace will also reduce health and safety claims which disrupt your business and cost you money.



Network video recording and analytics

Provide you the immediate alerts and remote access capabilities on any mobile device in order to manage workflow and productivity that increase your bottom line. Would having a video clip pushed to your phone each time a conveyor belt stops moving or whenever a receiving door opens up for a shipment reduce your time wasted on the ground and get you spending more time out on the golf course?




Integrated access control and intrusion alarms

Controls the access people have to your property and information, keys can be copied or traded and are no longer secure, fingerprint readers and keyfobs with video camera verification are more secure. Restricting opportunities for theft and providing a safe workplace environment are the new keys for success! Getting tired of your time clock cards yet? Our access control technology gives you a full time and attendance auditing system that pays for itself in… time, of course!




VoIP Telephone Services


Project Management

Have a large scale security project that needs to be rolled out? Let our experienced project managers and technicians take care of your customers’ requirements and represent your business professionally. At the end of the day, your customers will be happy and so will we.

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