snom Doubles Warranty of Its IP Phones to Two Years

snom is pleased to announce it has doubled the warranty for its desktop phones from one to two years. The warranty applies to snom phones purchased from July 1, 2013 by snom customers in North America, Caribbean, Central America, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

The products covered under the new extended 2-year warranty are:
• snom 3xx series (models 300, 320 and 370)
• snom 7xx series (models 710, 720 and 760)
• snom 8xx series (models 821 and 870)
• PA1 paging adapter

This two-year warranty, unrivaled in the industry, further protects customer’s investment in snom IP endpoints, and is a major component of the low total cost of ownership of snom products.

The warranty helps enterprise customers avoid extended warranty charges that some may incur after the first year. The 2-year guarantee should give distributors and value added resellers every confidence in snom products, and present a major source of differentiation in the marketplace.

IP-based phones are getting more complex, with sophisticated firmware and other features that render them crucial for business communication. It’s essential that distributors, VARs and end customers know they have a full-featured, solid product backed by a solid warranty.

snom has made significant investments in IP-based unified communications, which is evidenced by the popularity and durability of our VoIP and Microsoft Lync-based, UC edition phones. We want to deliver even more value to distributors and VARs and that’s why we are doubling the length of our warranty.

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