Spring 2014 Newsletter

Organ Donation Awareness Week:

  • More than 85% of Ontarians are in favour of organ donation, however, less than 25% have registered their consent to donate.
  • As a recent living kidney donor recipient, this is a matter that is close to our family.
  • Beadonor.ca is the simple, electronic and quick way for you to register your consent for organ and tissue donation. It only takes a moment to register with results that will be long-lasting and positive. Register today.

Lunch Is On Us:

  • That’s right, free lunch offer to our customers and you don’t even have to have lunch with us!
  • We are sending out a gift certificate to any customer of ours who sends us a case study format testimonial.
  • Simply explain what your problem was and how Inforce Security solved it. Selected submissions will be sent out in a follow-up newsletter and posted on our web site.
  • Be sure to email yours in by April 30th to qualify for your lunch on us.

Spring Cleaning:

  • After a long icy winter, cameras can get dirty and focus shifts may have occurred due to the deep freezes we had this year.  This distorts the image quality and compromises your security.
  • Those of our customers on a Monitored Proactive Service Plan with Inforce will receive a preventative maintenance service call this spring where all your cameras and equipment will be cleaned inside and out, re-focused and inspected for damage or obstructions, backup batteries will be changed and software will be updated.
  • If you wish to enroll in an Inforce Monitored Proactive Service Plan please call us today!

Inforce is now POST Certified:

  • Petroleum Oriented Safety Training focuses on behavior towards safety and proper personal protection around petroleum sites.
  • Click HERE for a complete list of Inforce’s other training and certifications.
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