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Snom 760 IP Telephone with KlarVoice


When choosing Inforce VOIP as your telephone service provider, you can be sure that you are in good hands. Inforce provides the most calling features that you and your business need, the most reliable offsite hosted PBX system and flat rate unlimited long distance.

Call us today and find out how your company can benefit from a hosted PBX telephone system with the latest features and technology that increase productivity and lower costs of doing business.  Switching is easy: we’ll take care of all the details and you keep your existing number.    Contact Us Today!

audio-iconHear the difference our Snom720 IP phone with KlarVoice Audio technology can make!

What is a hosted PBX?

Snom 760 IP Desk Phone with KlarVoice available from InforceVoipA hosted PBX is a fully-managed, enterprise-grade phone system that utilizes cloud-based technology, to connect your business without the costs of a traditional phone system.

A hosted PBX connects your head office to remote offices, telecommuters and travelling staff via one seamless phone system. Since Inforce both manages and hosts the service, you can take full advantage of the benefits a cloud communication solution offers:

  • Scalability — the system is designed to grow with your business
  • Flexibility — your staff has access at anytime and anywhere
  • Reliability — built-in failover and disaster recovery means no risk of downtime
  • Cost savings — no large capital investment or maintenance fees

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Hosted VoIP or On-Premise -which should you choose?

Snom MeetingPoint IP Confrence Phone available from InforceVoipOnce the decision has been made to replace a legacy PBX system with VoIP, the next decision is whether to host VoIP service in-house or use the InforceVoIP cloud-based solution.

Customers need to evaluate their network, business needs and financial requirements. Here are some of the primary considerations that should be factored before making a decision.

  • Go Cloud if you want to contain capital costs. InforceVoIP services shield you from having to buy and maintain pricey telecommunications systems and other equipment.
  • Go Cloud if you have regular variations in usage. InforceVoIP can easily scale you up or down on the fly and you only pay for what you use. In-house systems are not as flexible.
  • Go Cloud if you don’t have an internal IT department. You won’t have any hardware to maintain, and Inforce’s customer service department is available to provide support virtually around the clock.
  • Go Cloud if your employees often telecommute. InforceVoIP supports “hot desking,” or the ability to use your desk phone from any location.
  • Go Cloud if you have reliable bandwidth and a good connection. This is especially true for small through mid-sized businesses.

And here are some of the primary considerations for in-house VoIP.

  • Take It In-House if you are a large enterprise. You will likely realize greater economies of scale on your own.
  • Take It In-House if your business needs require interactive voice response (IVR), which lets callers interact with phone systems via speech recognition.
  • Take It In-House if your usage is static. Predictable usage patterns typically will not cost customers more in hardware upgrades or licensing.
  • Take It In-House if you have an in-house IT staff. An on-site staff that is already intimately familiar with your network may be better able to troubleshoot problems. The caveat is that they must be adept at IP-based voice infrastructure, which is a relatively new discipline.

What are the included call features?

Unlimited Voicemail Caller ID 911 Verification Auto Attendant
Conference 3-Way Calling Call Forwarding US/Canadian Numbers Do Not Disturb
Online Account Management Call Waiting US/Canada Unlimited Calling Music or Your Ads on Hold
Cell Phone Integration Caller ID Block Remote Voicemail Access Keep Your Existing Numbers
Anonymous Call Rejection Do Not Disturb Voicemail forwarding to Cell Web Based Call Log
Hunt Groups Video Calling Support SIP phone software support iPhone / Android 3G Calling